Walking on water.

Today as I was struggling against some issues, a picture came to mind.  I saw my head just above water.  This is how I felt.  At times, when the cares of this life are too much, I find myself being pulled under the water and gasping for air.  Then once again I rise and get my head just above the water and breath in deeply for but a moment until once again I am swallowed up by the waters.  There seems to be this cycle where I life in two distinct states – my head just above and below the waters.  I am tossed back and forth with no predictability.  Never underneath the water long enough such that I drown and remain lifeless.  Never above the water long enough that I am restored totally and experience freedom.  Then it occured to me that this pattern is a natural progression dictated by circumstances, feelings, attitude etc.  Hence the unpredictability of it.  Each day brings a new set of victories, challenges, issues and obstacles.  These forces either pull us under the water or keep our heads just barely above the surface.  Then I considered what it would be like to rise above the water and walk on top of it.  Of course this isn’t naturally possible.  But isn’t that the point?  It is beyond the natural and has an element of faith involved.  My mind questions how this is possible, yet something inside me longs to walk in freedom.


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