A simple request… A profound answer

On the morning of July 19th 2012, I was praying in desperation that God would show me He was near and hadn’t forgotten me. It was one of those prayers that are uttered from a valley place where long shadows of death are casting over your soul. I felt I just needed something to hold on to much like a life preserver for a drowning man. It was a short prayer but it was loaded with expectation mingled with fear. Fear that my simple request would go unanswered and I would be left a beggar on the streets of hope. Still I had summoned my deepest desire and set it to flight in hopes that it would return and bring comfort from my Father.
A few hours later I received a call from my step dad. He said he had been praying and God brought me to his attention. He said he prayed for me and felt led to call me. He mentioned a revival service taking place later that evening at a small at a small country church in our community, and invited me to come. For a weary heart, the possibility of being revived is intriguing, so i said i would like to go. With that, he told me he loved me and would keep me in prayer. It wasn’t until after we ended the call, that I realized that God had reached out to me through my stepdad. I felt that God had sought me out, but He wasn’t finished just yet.
That night we showed up at the revival meeting. Although that night I would have thought that the revival service would be how God would touch me, that wasn’t the case. Of course the service was good. The worship was uplifting. The Word preached was poignant. But God knew exactly where I was and He would find me in an unconventional way.
My mom was sitting beside me during the service. She whispered to me, and said that she had an interesting exchange of Facebook messages with a lady in our church and she wanted me to read the exchange. She handed me her IPhone so I could read the Facebook messages. The string of messages started off with my mom thanking the lady for leading the women’s group in our church. My mom expressed how she had been blessed by the lady and how she led the group. In response, the lady expressed how God had brought her through so. ……..
As I read the messages, I felt tears fill my eyes and hope peaked from around the corner. To hear someone who had faced physical difficulties with no hope of recovery, and yet she learned to walk out her healing in faith to its completion, was such a comfort. Further to rad how she was now filled with compassion and wanting to reach out to me blessed me beyond words. One of the difficult aspects of an impossible situation (mine being unrelenting pain), is that you feel so lonely and disconnected. You look around and everyone else seems to have moved on in life and are experiencing joy and bliss, all the while you are locked in a prison with no hope or forward momentum. It’s like traversing an endless desert, where the scenery never changes and the heat is unforgiving. But in that desert, when you cross paths with someone else, suddenly loneliness escapes if but for a moment, and you walk together for a season until once again your paths diverge. And there are others like this lady who once lived in the desert and found a way out, yet she did not forget the desert and those whom she met while there. She doesn’t forget there are countless multitudes who are struggling on the desert with no hope of escape. For those who cries most will not hear, there are those whom God allows the cries to become a calling to return to the desert and lead others out. This lady is hearing the call. In her messages, she mentioned Gloria Copeland’s Healing School CD series and a great resource that she used.


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