Religious Nutjob

A title given to me because I simply believe

in something greater than me which I cannot see

Weak I am framed because I call unto His name,

why reach out to emptiness and hope to obtain

A pointless endeavor I hear them exclaim

My words fall short as I attempt to explain

I am seen as being in chains, playing a religious game

No freedom to pursue and make my own name

Believing in fairy tales in an attempt to make sense

In a world of sorrow and meaninglessness

Called simple minded, I feel much more inclined

To seek for truth instead of wandering blind

Filled with questions that will not be denied

Seeing the beauty in a universe designed

Knowing full well that chance cannot be the answer

To a tapestry carefully knitted by a master

I stare off at the stars and wonder fills my mind

Who wound the arms of the clock of time

Who set each planet in it’s perfect position

And keeps them moving in circular rhythm

Who raises the sun in each mornings glory

And tucks it to sleep at each bedtime story

Such beauty exists and I am drawn to inquire

Of boundless meaning meant to inspire

Although at times the answers seem to evade

and doubts are quick to invade

Even though everything cannot be explained,

the pursuit is not in vain

For greater depths are not yet uncovered,

until one begins on a grand endeavor

And through believing under pressure

One discovers a most prescious treasure

That can’t be bought with this worlds pleasures

or human wisdom dealt in good measure

Though disappointments are not to be avoided

and frustrations often compounded

Countless questions are no stranger

and at times in perilous danger

When the end is not in sight and hope takes flight

No one is immune to an unwelcome plight

So where does one turn who has no faith to stand

and what counselor is on hand?

Oh wise man whose courage is built on sand

what remains of your well laid out plan?

When the floods rise and prove your foundation

will you cling to your faithless reputation?

Oh faithful one, who knows where to run

when the darkness of life blocks out the sun

A secret place of salvation and grace

resting in the arms of of unending embrace

Restoration comes to one who is broken,

and does not resist His word spoken

And from the ashes, the faithful one will arise

and continue pursuit of the highest prize

While the faithless one will continue to deny

and look to the faithful one full of demise

Shouting loud whilst hiding his sobs…..

“he is just a religious nutjob”.